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GALLO INVESTMENT is a professional, reliable and transparent investment partner for highly
demanding investors looking for proven investment and trading strategies with an appropriate yield

Professional Asset Management

Your funds are managed by investment professionals and expierenced traders operating on global financial markets.

Investor service

Secure and full service for our investors during all time of relationship is standard.



Our mission is to deliver an expected investment yied to our investors with the application of all available risk management tools, which are correctly used in global financial markets for safe and professional investing.

We aim to openly communicate with our investors, transparency and decency. We have an ambition to deliver to our investors the real and appropriate investment yield exceeding standard investment opportunities on european and world financial markets.

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As of 1 October 2020, GALLO INVESTMENT SE was given on the list of investment funds offering asset management services based on § 15 section 1 of the ZISIF, which the CNB maintains in accordance with § 596 section e) ZISIF

Authorization from the CNB on entry in the list of persons referred to in § 15 section 1 of the ZISIF, Act of Investment Companies and Investment Funds, who are obliged to register in the list maintained by the Czech National Bank pursuant to § 596 section e) of the same law, visible and listed here.

The Czech National Bank does not supervise the company or the performance of its activities.

GALLO INVESTMENT SE does not actively accept funds from the public investors and is not active in investment services offering to the public investors. GALLO INVESTMENT SE manages assets and investment services only for a selected group of professional investors.

Management members of GALLO INVESTMENT

Ladislav Drab

  • Founder of BETONDIS
  • Energy and comodity trading Venture capitalist
  • Philanthropist

Advisory board

Advisory team of financial experts and investment specialist from the world´s most important financial markets venues.

Jan Fischer

  • Former Czech prime minister
  • Former minister of finance and deputy prime minister
  • Forme vice-president of EBRD in London
Mike Moen

  • Former banker and venture capitalist
  • CEO, Cocidius Ventures, Goldman Sachs, CIBS and Citigroup
Michael Rasmussen

  • Founder of BETONDIS
  • Long-time expert in foreign trade
  • Active in non-profit projects
  • Philanthropist
Manuel Reyes Puig

  • Founding partner of the firm intrust Business Sollutions
  • Special knowledge in Real Estate Developments
  • Lawyer & Public Notary, Lawyer of the Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Vladimir Prinke

  • Long time expert in sales and business development
Vladimir Masar

  • Worked in the banking and public sector for almost 20 years
  • He served in several high positions
  • From July 1993 until July 1999 he acted as the Guvernon of the National Bank Slovakia
Carlos Bremer Gutierrez

  • Hold the position of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Value Grupo Financiero SA de CV and Chief Expert Officer & Director at Value SA de CV Casa de Bolsa
Milos Hroch

  • Expert in foreign trade on BETONDIS platform
  • CEO of CPS LNG trading
Otto Jelinek

  • Former Minister of State for Fitness and Amateur Sport and the Minister responisble for Multiculturalism, Minister of National Revenue
  • Former ambassador of Canada to the Czech Republic

Investment strategy


GALLO INVESTMENT investment strategy is primarily focused on active trading activities on global financial markets. GALLO INVESTMENT uses sophisticated Option strategies in combination with other financial market instruments such a derivatives. GALLO INVESTMENT strategy priorities the steady and long-term growth of expected investment returns.

The undeniable advantage of GALLO INVESTMENT is working with highly expierenced specialists and professionals in banking, treasury and trading on global financial markets.

  • Investment period: 1 year and more
  • Payment out of % yield: 1 per year
  • Liquidity: max. 5 days from sales order
  • Invest AUM treshhold: 250.000,- € and more
  • * All detail conditions and information about strategy are solely privately discussed with our senior investment advisors.

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Why to invest with GALLO INVESTMENT

Quick investment account opening

Transparent and clear terms and conditions

Global investment opportunity

Reporting about results

Assets on separated accounts

Fast and reliable market orders

Professional asset management

Transparent services

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Investor Service 24/7/365

Immediate client requests solving

Personal data protection

Investor services

Know your customer

We are aiming to perfectly understand the investor's investment needs, investment risks appetite and expected returns. Suitability testing our potential investors such a products knowledge, investor´s behaviour during high market volatility.


We regularly inform our investors about strategy's results and furthermarket outlooks. We enable to our investors to directly communicate with the trading team.

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We only personaly communicate with our investors and respond flexibly on their requirements.


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